How to connect to a Clearlink Ethernet/IP Server

How to connect to a Clearlink Ethernet/IP Server
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  • HMI Model: cMT3162X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.02.449
  • Serial Number or supplier: Maple Systems

I am trying to communicate with a Ethernet/IP-based motor controller which uses Explicit or Implicit Ethernet/IP messaging. I am wondering if it is possible to setup implicit messaging by importing the EDS file for the device?

The link to the guide for the device is here:

Hi @itsmomito,

Currently, our generic drivers do not support EDS import. Here is a link to a user guide that may help you convert your EDS file into a supported file type and use explicit messaging: Link
Note: This import method is not compatible with our implicit messaging driver.

When you have time, please review this solution and advise if communication to your controller is successful.

If you are still trying to setup Ethernet/IP implicit messaging. perhaps you could consider our Codesys solution to talk to your Ethernet/IP-based controller.
Note: Once Codesys is activated on your CMT-X unit, Eth1 is only accessible for the Codeys runtime. The HMI runtime (Easybuilder Pro) no longer has access to Eth1 port.

I’m looking to use the ODVA Explicit Ethernet/IP Driver. I am able to read values fine, but it looks like I can’t set values to the Clearlink device. I think it may be because of the service code which clearlink expects (0x10) for setting a single attribute? I am trying to set the motor mode to 1, but find that it doesn’t work with the button linked to the necessary class id, attribute id, and instance id:

I think you entered the wrong “class” for the Motor Mode. The Toggle object displays {Class, Instance, Attribute} in decimal format. It should be {105,1,2} for the Motor Mode.
When you specify {Class, Instance, Attribute} within the Tag Manager, please note that {Class, Instance, Attribute} must be entered in Hex format, like what you see in the motor’s user manual.

Here is the technical note for the the ODVA Ethernet/IP Explicit messaging driver: Link

Thank you, that worked! Is it possible to adjust big-endianness or little-endianness of the values I send? For example, to reverse the order of the bits?

You could use a macro to reverse the order for endianness. The driver itself doesn’t have a feature to achieve this.
Macro reference guide
Look at Chapter 4. Data Operation Functions

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