How to create and configure a Toggle Switch


The Toggle Switch contains settings that apply to most other objects available within EasyBuilder Pro. In this post, we describe several features applicable to the toggle switch and some that are common among most objects.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. The “Toggle Switch” can be found within the “Object” tab.

  2. Like our toggle switch, most objects allow you to configure the tag or address that the object will “Read/Write” to within the “General” tab of the properties menu. Many objects have an “Attribute” section that contains options that affect the style or functionality of the object. The “Attribute” section of the toggle switch allows you to choose between various “Switch Styles”:

  3. Within the “Security” tab of an input object, you may find:

    • [A] “Min. Press Time”: This allows you to regulate the time that the user must hold the switch to perform its function.
    • [B] “Enable/Disable”: This will determine if this object permits user input based on the state of a separate tag or register. When authorization is denied based on memory status, predefined actions from the [C] “Action” drop-down menu are executed.
      Note: Click here for information related to “User restriction”.
  4. Within the “Shape” tab, you can customize how this object is displayed. To do this, click on the buttons below the image to toggle between [States]. The color of each state can be defined using the [B] color drop-down list. To use a different image, click on the [A] “Picture Library…” button or select [C] “Use shape” and define the color and pattern of the shape you would like to use:

  5. Within the “Picture Library”, you can search for an image category using the [Drop-down] list. After selecting an image, the available states will be displayed on the right side:

  6. Click “OK” to select and use an image from the “Picture Library”.