How to display numeric object entry limits


In this post, we will cover how to display the upper and lower entry limits within a numeric object.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. First, select a “Numeric” object. It can be found in the “Object” tab within the “Input” section:

  2. Within the “General” tab, select an empty memory address to avoid memory overlap:

  3. Within the “Data Entry” tab, select the “Display lower and upper limits” selection box:
    Note: “Display current value” will display the current value within the object.

  4. To change the upper and lower limits of the object, navigate to the “Format” tab and update the “Device Low” and “Device High” fields:

  5. When the “Numeric” object is selected, a window will display its “Range”. “Current Value” will also show up within the same box if both are selected: