How to import an iR-ECAT's ESI file into Sysmac studio

This post contains step-by-step instructions that demonstrate how to import the iR-ECAT’s ESI file into Sysmac Studio.

Software Version:
Sysmac Studio 1.29+

While using Sysmac Studio version 1.29+, there are two different ways to import an ESI file. The first method is to use the “Install (File)” button within the ESI Library:

However, we have found that this method does not seem to be compatible with the iR-ECAT’s ESI file. Instead, we recommend using the legacy method shown below:

  1. Close Sysmac Studio:

  2. Navigate to “IODeviceProfiles\EsiFiles\UserEsiFiles” within the installation directory of Sysmac Studio and place the iR-ECAT’s ESI files within this folder:

  3. Open Sysmac Studio and the iR-ECAT’s profile can be found within the ESI Library:

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