How to Setup a HMI as a Modbus Client to a Specific IP address

How to Setup a HMI as a Modbus Client to a Specific IP address
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  • HMI Model: cmt3162x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
  • Serial Number or supplier: HH Barnum

I have a device that resides on an machine IP address of I want to read a select amount of Modbus registers, such as 40001 (Start/Stop), 30011 (Current Temperature) and
30042 (Bath Level).

I know the device supports Modbus TCP/IP, as I have connected successfully with it outside of the Weintek Product Suites, but I am struggling to understand the setup on the HMI’s Modbus TCP settings.

As the device itself would be the server, my thought was the HMI would be the client since it wants to request this information above. Following the manual, as there is not much on the Client side, it seemed straight forward except for one area (I can’t seem to understand the address mapping being the 0x and 1x).

Using the numeric object to get the current level, I tried to directly tie to Input Register number 30042:

Device manual:

Overall problem however: when I download the program, the numeric display does not show and it comes up with “device not responding”.

For Reference:
Device Settings:

Address Mapping:

Hi @jonmarc91,

Could you please provide the info below?

  • The HMI’s LAN1 and LAN2 IP addresses
  • The Modbus port used by the device
  • The starting address of 30000 (e.g., does it start at 0 or 1)

Hello @cody.bearden ,

The HMI Lan1:
The HMI Lan2:

The modbus port is 502.

The starting register address is 30001


Hi @jonmarc91,

If possible, can you also advise the manufacturer and model of this device as well so that we can determine if it has any special requirements?

Hello @Brendon.S,

Absolutely, its a Julabo Magio heater. I can send the manual they provided me via message if needed.


Hi @jonmarc91,

According to the Modbus manual of this device, it does not support 0x or 1x registers. So, please remove the “Address mapping” entry shown below from your program:

Also, if possible can you please let me know if you’ve changed any of these attributes?

Lastly, can you please connect the heater to your PC and test using the “Online simulation” feature within EasyBuilder Pro or using 3rd party Modbus client software like “CAS Modbus Scanner” and advise if you can communicate with the device?

Hi @Brendon.S,

I have removed that 0x and 1x.

On the Device Settings, everything remains factory.

This unit is in the field already and can confirm it is reachable via another 3rd party software (Ignition!) that is reading/writing data as expected. To prove out communication, connected this unit the other machines network, then disconnected and moved back to the Weintek system.


Hi @jonmarc91,

Thank you for testing this. When you have time, can you please PM me a link to your EasyBuilder Pro project file so that we can review this project in our office? Also, can you please send me a screenshot of the configuration used within Ignition software to establish communication with the heater for our reference?