How to use "Object Control Commands"


In this guide, we demonstrate how to use the “object control commands” shortcut to execute recipe commands. This feature eliminates the need for constant reference to system registers or command values, streamlining the programming process.

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  1. To begin, select the “Set Word” icon within the “Object” tab.

  2. Next select the “Recipe.Command” register within the “Address” box:
    Note: The “Object control command” feature is available for most objects, therefore, please specify the “Command” address of the object you wish to control.

  3. Within the “Attribute” section select “Object control command” for the “Set Style”. Then select the “Object Type”, which should correspond with the object you are going to control. Then, select a “Command” associated with that object:
    Note: This command object, will add a new record to the recipe database.

  4. To label control objects, select and define the attributes within the “Label” tab to display a label on this object;


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