How to use the “Wait Until” action in a Combo Button

How to use the “Wait Until” action in a Combo Button
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  • HMI Model: cMT3092X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.02.683
  • Serial Number or supplier: Seltrol

I want to start a machine but only if a second button’s condition has been met. How do I link the operation of the first button to the second button’s condition. Like an If/Then function in the button. If my condition is met, the start button is set a register in my PLC and start the drives. If the condition is not met, I do not want the HMI button to toggle or change state and nothing to start.

Hi @Sanchezdf,

To accomplish this, you can use a “Combo button”:

To determine if a specific condition has been met before executing some other action, please add a “Wait until” action before starting the machine as in this example:

Note: In this example, the combo button will “Wait until” LB-0 is ‘ON’ or stop running the next action if this condition is not met.

Within the next action group, you can start the machine via a “Set Bit” action or some other function depending on the requirements of your system. I hope this helps!