iR-AI04-TR RTD Bridge Circuit

iR-AI04-TR RTD Bridge Circuit
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Trying to understand if using an RTD style thermocouple, with the iR-AI04-TR’s internally circuitry, is there a way to wire the systems for a bridge circuit that is internally grounded?

Is the L- connected to ground internally?

For example, the application will be using isolation barriers, connected to RTD’s. Two different Barriers are suggested, but depends on if the bridge circuit is earthed inside the iR-AI04-TR card or not. (MTL7755ac versus MTL7756ac)

I have not seen the wiring diagram of a temperature input module produced by a PLC vendor shows how an intrinsically safe barrier is added between the RTD sensor and temperature input module. It seems to me that it is common practice to add a barrier between the RTD and analog input module when the location/zone of the RTD is potentially hazardous. I would recommend sending this inquiry to WUSA Support team if you need more information.