iR-AI04-VI with Balluff BMP000M analog sensor

iR-AI04-VI with Balluff BMP000M analog sensor
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We have a Balluff BMP000M measurement sensor. Sensor is set for 0-10VDC. This sensor does not have a separate 0VDC for the analog sensor. we tested this sensor with a different manufacturer to verify that it works with -10 to 10 VDC.

we tried different wiring combinations with no success. We were assuming we would have success by this wiring layout.

we have 24VDC going into the AI04.
Pin 1 on sensor to 24VDC
Pin 2 on sensor to V0+
Pin 3 on sensor to 0VDC

we connected 0V to V0- and the error light starts to flash on the card.

at this time V0- is open. not sure what we can try next.

Here is the wiring diagram for this sensor: