New to Dashboard?


Thank you for considering Dashboard as the remote monitoring solution within your next application. This post contains information related to Dashboard and a list of common questions and answers.

What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is a cloud service that provides a simple and efficient way to monitor data from one or more HMIs. This service will allow applicable users and the domain admin to create and publish a webpage that can be configured to display both current and historical data.

Is Dashboard compatible with my HMI?

Currently, Dashboard is compatible with any cMT-X HMI.

How do I activate a Dashboard subscription?

To use Dashboard, please ensure that the HMI that will be used within your application has been added to your Weincloud domain. When finished, please perform the following:

  1. Login to Weincloud.

  2. Select the “Device” tab:

  3. Click on the blue ‘i’ next to the HMI that you intend to activate:

  4. Activate the HMI’s Dashboard license using an activation code:

What do I need to know in order to use Dashboard?

Creating a Dashboard project is easy! You do not need to be familiar with MQTT or EasyBuilder Pro. All that you need is a valid username and password on your Weincloud domain.

How do I create a Dashboard project?

To create your first Dashboard project, please see this tutorial: Click Here

How many data points can I publish from my device?

Each device can be configured to publish up to 500 different data points and the historical value of up to 100 points (per device) can be saved within your Weincloud domain.

How often will the HMI publish data?

Data can be published to the cloud as often as every 5 seconds. However, this interval can be configured by the individual that develops the Dashboard project.

Can I download data that was published to Dashboard?

Absolutely! As long as “History” is enabled for the tag(s) that you would like to backup, Weincloud will store this data for 1 year. The file extension of the backup is .csv.

How can I access my Dashboard?

When the Dashboard project is published, it will be assigned a URL. The URL can be shared with anyone associated with the application or restricted to authorized personnel.