Print all screens/windows to PDF at once?

Print all screens/windows to PDF at once?
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  • HMI Model: CMT3162x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: 6.08.01
  • Serial Number or supplier: WESCO

Is it possible to print all of the screens/windows in the window tree to a single PDF file all at once? Or even select a group of windows/screens to print to PDF file?

It is impossible to print all of screens/windows to a single PDF file at once. A screenshot will be saved in .png picture file.

In my opinion, a workaround is to utilize a PLC Control object (with Screen hardcopy selected within the Attribute).
This way during runtime you can dynamically select a window/screen to print to a .png file, save it in the same folder, and save it by date/hr/min/sec or give a name that you want.

It is possible to automate the screenshot process in sequence by writing a macro.

Hi @rogaroga,

If you would like to print the project windows so that you can create a manual for your customer or for your reference, you can print the project windows to a PDF using the following method:

  1. Within the “File” tab, click “Print”:
  2. Within the following menu, ensure that “Microsoft Print to PDF” is selected:
  3. Follow the prompts to save the PDF to your PC.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for, and for that exact reason (binder for customer, clips for manuals, etc). Once I set the option to “shrink to fit” all was great. Thanks again.

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