Removing Duplicated or old Modbus Variables

Removing Duplicated or old Modbus Variables
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I am building a project that is aiming to use a generic Modbus TCP Slave. I have created the channels for what values I am looking to read/write from based on their Access Types, however, when I go to the Modbus TCP IO Mapping tab, I notice there are multiple channels that are either old or not sure how they are duplicated.

I am trying to delete them, as for the program to be a clean look, but it does not seem there is a way to delete these unless I delete every channel out and restart. Is there something I am missing on why it does this and how to fix it?

Modbus Slave Channels:

IO Mapping View:

You can see there are random channels called Hex##.

  1. I would like to remove these.
  2. Does leaving them in cause any issues besides use up memory spaces.

Hi @jonmarc91,

Can you please advise as to what version of Codesys you are using? Also, can you attempt to update this driver to another version installed within the Codesys IDE and then revert it back to version by following the method described within this post: Link. When finished, please advise if this resolves the issue.

Hi @Brendon.S,

Using CodeSys 3.5 SP15 5+.

I tried to Upgrade it to version, then took the Modbus TCP back to Unfortunately, this did not help. Still getting the same results.

Hi @jonmarc91,

I am not sure why this has occurred, but Weintek did not make or assist in the development of the Codesys IDE so we do not have documentation related to this inquiry. I would suggest the following solution:

  1. Right click on “Modbus TCP master” and add a new “Modbus TCP Slave”:
  2. Within the new Modbus TCP Slave add the Modbus channels you wish to use:
  3. Within the “ModbusTCPSlave I/O Mapping” tab of the original Modbus TCP Slave, copy the variables that you’ve mapped:
  4. Within the “ModbusTCPSlave I/O Mapping” tab of the new Modbus TCP Slave, paste the variables that you’ve copied into the appropriate channel:
    Note: To select multiple channels hold down the [Shift] key. You must select the same number of channels copied in step 4 when pasting them into the variable column.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until each I/O point has been re-mapped. Then configure the device IP address and delete the old Modbus TCP Slave device:


If possible, can you please provide any information related to how this issue occurred or would it be possible for you to send us a copy of this project that does not contain any POUs or proprietary information? To send us a link to this project, please click on my icon and select the “Message” button in the top right corner:
Example: This message button is displayed as a blue icon.

My colleague @cody.bearden will investigate this issue going forward.