Saving Data to USB1

Saving Data to USB1
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  • HMI Model: cMT2108X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.09.01.556
  • Serial Number or supplier:

We are having trouble saving the Sample Data to the USB1 every time. It is consistently inconsistent. Sometimes it works 2 or 3 times in a row and then it wont. I can not tell what’s going on here and I looking for ideas to look at.

First I should explain that my HMI only has one USB Port and because I need to use an external Mouse and Keyboard, I attached a 4-port USB Hub 3.0 to the single USB port of the HMI. I plunged in the USB Keyboard/Mouse Receiver in one port and my Memory-stick in another. I have buttons on each port so they can be disabled and I have disabled the ones not being used.

The popup window comes up when the Memory-Stick is reinserted and I have setup a “File Browser” so I can see if the HMI recognizes the Memory-Stick and I can then see all the files that are in the “datalog” folder.

Are there any special settings that I should check or other suggestions?


Hi @JBennett,

Since you are using a USB hub, this post demonstrates how to specify a USB drive as either “USB disk 1” or “USB disk 2.” Designating the USB drive as “USB disk 1” may help resolve inconsistent backups.

Typically, we recommend saving data to HMI memory within the “Data Sampling” object and separately, using a backup object to automatically export data in the form of .csv files to a USB as explained within this tutorial: Link. They may use the preservation limit (as in this tutorial) to prevent the HMI from running out of storage space.