Screen with Codesys items is slow to load

Screen with Codesys items is slow to load
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I’m using an HMI Model: cmt3102x. My project opens on screen #10 (default) and from there I have a function key to select screen #12. The first time I select Screen 12 it takes approx 50 seconds for the screen to completely load.

Buttons to change screens, and jpg(s) are there instantly.

My screen 12 is pretty simple but it contains about 20 objects with variables in my Codesys ladder.
There are about 10 data displays and setpoints for the ladder and about 10 indicator lights for status of motors and valves.

The Codesys ladder starts pretty quickly when I power on the HMI. I can see this through the iR-ETN and the I/O but the screen is vacant for so long it is quite a distraction.

I struggled at first to get variables exchanged between the ladder logic and the HMI and to get the ladder logic associated with the HMI.project. My screen 12 is the first that interacts with the Codesys variables and it is slow to start.


Hi @mike_c_56,

Can you please advise the following information so that we can investigate the anomaly:

  • HMI OS:
  • EasyBuilder Pro version:
  • Codesys version:
  • Codesys firmware:

To find this information, please reference this document: Link

Additionally, can you please set the “Delay time of device communication after HMI starts” to 5 seconds. To find this setting, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the “Home” tab and open the “System Parameters”:
  2. Within the “System Parameters” select the “System” tab and adjust the “Delay time of device communication after HMI starts” to 5 seconds:
  3. Download this application to the HMI and advise if objects load faster than before.

HMI is cMT-3102X

HMI OS is version 20220318
Easy Builder Pro is V6.07.02.542 Build 2023.03.15
Codesys Version is V3.5 SP10 Patch 3 +
Codesys Firmware is version 20210913

In a previous thread I was having trouble getting “ladder logic” variables in/out of the HMI screens. Doing lots of ladder edits followed by “Build”, “Rebuild”, “Generate Code” commands. (Which one is correct??)
You previously had made a suggestion to delete Symbol Configuration and re-create it.
I did not do this because my problem was that I forgot to import the tags in EasyBuilder Pro. I feel like I have may have really jacked my I/O from the perspective of the HMI as this is my first Weintek device and my first Codesys application. (Lots of Rockwell here in the rust belt). Also my devices are connected through an unmanaged switch as shown in this picture. Thanks for the help. Mike C.


I have always removed and replaced the “Symbol Configuration” object before generating tags. However, you can create an up to date tag file using the method described below as well:

  1. Click on the “Build” button:
  2. Double click on the “Symbol Configuration” object and ensure that all of the tags that you want to export are selected. Codesys does not automatically select new tags:
  3. Within the “Build” tab, select “Generate code”:

Did setting the “Delay time of device communication after HMI starts” resolve the issue in which objects that are addressed to the PLC take a long time to load?

Brendon the first thing I did was delete the symbol configuration and re-generate it. That helped a lot.
I moved the delay time after HMI starts from 0 to 5 and didn’t really see any change. I put it back to 0 since that was the original setting.
Now when I switch on the HMI, the screen variables and the ladder is running in about 22 seconds.
I think that will work for us. Does that seem normal to you?? Regards, MIke C.

Hi @mike_c_56,

This does not seem normal. Can you please send your Codesys and HMI project to and advise that you were working with “Brendon” on the forum. Also, can you advise the HMI’s serial number within this email as well. I will need to review this project in order to determine what is causing this issue.