Sending alarms via sms to Verizon phone # stopped working

Sending alarms via sms to Verizon phone # stopped working
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  • HMI Model: cMT3162X
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.02.322
  • Serial Number or supplier: Heitek Automation

I have been sending alarms via SMS text messaging for a while, but the Verizon customers stopped receiving texts recently. Alarms sent to email addresses still work.

The customer uses an outlook email account to send the emails/texts.

Has anyone else had this issue recently?

Hi @jbaack,

Thank you for contributing to our forum! Most email hosting services are switching to “app passwords”, I would recommend that you use the “Test SMTP Settings…” button within your project to verify that the HMI can connect to the server. If it cannot, it may be due to security changes at the admin or hosting level:

I have used the “Test SMTP Settings” button and have the same result. The email recipeints get emails but the SMS text messages do not go through. All of the receipients have stayed the same, it’s just recently that the text messages fail.

A SMS gateway is used to forward emails to a mobile device.
email-to-SMS address for Verizon customers is
It is likely that Verizon has had some issues on their SMS gateway.(or limitations?)
I found this post related to your issue from their community.
email to are returned - Verizon Community

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