Troubleshooting EasyAccess error code 202

Troubleshooting EasyAccess error code 202
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  • HMI Model: cMT-SVR-202
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: 6.08.02
  • Serial Number or supplier: 2404104047

Hello…I am in the process of configuring a cMT-SVR202 but keep getting 202 Network DNS error. Although it has WIFI the customer will connect internet access directly via Ethernet. I do have a program downloaded and now currently trying to activate EasyAccess 2.0 which is built in. From both cMT Viewer screen 76 EasyAccess and from Weincloud Easy Web 2.0 (when I log into the cMT) EasyAccess 2.0 “Activation Quick Link” I keep getting the same error (202) NetworkDNSError. From the Quick Link it has me change the cMT DNS to but with the same results even after repeated Start/Stops and power cycles…what can I try? Thanks

Good morning @ProcessControl,

What is the IP address and subnet mask of the HMI’s LAN and Wi-Fi port? Is the LAN port set to obtain an IP automatically or does it have a static IP? This error code typically occurs when using an invalid network configuration.

First, I tried “obtain an IP automatically”: IP:, Subnet:
Then I tried Static: IP:, Subnet: I adjusted my laptop network settings accordingly.

I disabled Wi-Fi because the customer would not be using it and I thought maybe that could be causing the initial issue. I was trying anything. NowI have re-enabled Wi-Fi, configured and online. I am now able to run EasyAccess 2.0.
…but again my customer will be connecting via Ethernet cable, will I have an issue?


Based on your description, it sounds like the internet AP could not provide an IP via DHCP when using an Ethernet connection. I would suggest that you ask the IT department at that location to provide valid network credentials so that you can configure the LAN port to have a static IP.

OK, thanks.