WeinCloud domain verification email

WeinCloud domain verification email
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I have submitted a new domain on WeinCloud but have yet to receive a verification email. When I try to log into the domain, it says “Domain not Unverified” and I’ve also tried the “Didn’t receive verification email” link, but still no success. I’ve also had customers experience this in the past. How do we resolve this?

Normally a verification email will be delivered in a few minutes after you create a new domain on WeinCloud.
Have you verified that there are no typos when you enter you email address during the domain creation?

Did this get resolved, I am going to help a customer on this topic tomorrow.

Hi @cncgeorge,

We have not received any other reports that users do not receive the verification email. Can you please check your spam folder to see if the email was sent there? Also, can you please ask your SMTP admin or IT admin if the server blocks verification emails?

If you cannot locate the verification email in the spam folder, can you please try to create a new domain and advise if this issue reoccurs?

One isn’t able to verify the email address once you’re submitted for the domain. If you try to log in, the site says “Domain not verified”. If you try to recreate it, it says “Domain already exists”. I also tried the “Didn’t receive verification email” link also to no avail. I went ahead and created a different, new domain name and the verification came through.

Hi @donnedved25,

Thank you for confirming that you’ve received the verification email. We don’t yet have a method to recover domains when the verification email cannot be received. However, if it is possible please continue to use your new domain.