Weincloud - WebConnect

Weincloud - WebConnect
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  • HMI Model: cMT-SVR-202
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:
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I have recently just added a cMT-SVR-202 to Weincloud. but since my last visit the website looks completely different. In the past I have found related videos that show the appropriate steps to fully integrate an HMI into Weincloud, setup users and permissions, view the HMI remotely and even download an update program, but I can only find one video that show how to add an HMI…what about everything else?
First, under Weincloud / Directory is there any explanation for the different options?
Next, Weincloud / WebConnect is there any support doc for options procedures. Trial and error I learned that before you select START to connect that you must first jump back to the Directory and select communication options. Then go back, select START to get connected. Now that I am connected, I can’t determine what options I have from Weincloud. I have also looked at a previous Weincloud setup that I configured some time ago and noticed that there are no boxes selected in the WebConnect options, but my customer is still able to connect as before so what are these options used for? Thanks for your support.

Hi @ProcessControl,

Due to the recent update, many of our Weincloud related tutorial no longer provide accurate information. We should have more released within the next few weeks, but until then please refer to our support documentation: Link

You still need to use the EasyAccess2.0 app and open the CMT-Viewer to control the project of a CMT-SVR-202 remotely. WebConnect doesn’t offer you the CMT-Viewer as a remote access method. WebConnect is more suitable for the use of CMT-X.