Weintek Remote IO with Fanuc Robot

Weintek Remote IO with Fanuc Robot
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One of my customers is looking at using the weintek as a replacement for their Allen Bradley point IO. They are going to have to communicate with a Fanuc robot. Do you have any info on the best way to handle that?

Hi @SteveV,

Currently I don’t have any documentation that is specific to this application, but in the past I have worked with some Fanuc controllers. I know that certain Fanuc controllers support “generic” protocols like Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. Depending on what protocols the Fanuc device supports, you may choose between the following Weintek couplers:


After which, I would suggest that you review the “Remote I/O Product Specification”: Link *see bottom

I hope this helps!

B-82854EN/03 Fanuc Ethernet/IP OPERATOR’S MANUAL contains some information. Chapter 4 Scanner configuration may be what you’re looking for.