What communication protocols does EasyBuilder Pro support?

What communication protocols does EasyBuilder Pro support? https://forum.weintekusa.com/uploads/db0776/original/1X/7251f81226665d5be5d86f662493754f83dec297.png
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Within this post we demonstrate how to determine what communication drivers are available and describe how to access the instructions that accompany each driver.

Software Version:

We recommend using the latest version of EasyBuilder Pro to ensure that each driver displayed within the device connection guide is supported.

  1. Open the “Device Connection Structure” web app:
    Note: If the hyperlink above does not open, please copy and paste this url into your browser: https://www.weintek.com/globalw/Software/PLC.htm.
  2. Define the company name and the PLC model:
  3. Depending on the PLC, more than one driver may be available. Select a driver and a pdf will be displayed below:
  4. Click on the pdf to open the device connection guide:
  5. Each guide contains the recommended communication parameters and a list of requirements that, if followed, will ensure device communication.

Note: Communication depends on the end device as well and some vendors may utilize custom instances of generic communication protocols like Modbus. Therefore, please check the user manual of the external device as well to ensure that the communication parameters described within our documentation are supported.