What do I do with an .ecmp or .ccmp file and how can I simulate a project?

What do I do with an .ecmp or .ccmp file and how can I simulate a project?
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  • HMI Model: cmtx3102x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.07.01.417
  • Serial Number or supplier:

I’m a new user of Weintek HMI(s). Been observing features by download demo projects and running them in offline simulation.

I’ve downloaded a couple that are xxxx.ecmp files. Is there a way to run them as a cmtx3102x application? Not going to load them to the hardware…just run them in the simulator.

Another demo.zip file contains three project files that are xDemo_COP.project , xECAT.project, and xDemo.ETN.project. How can these be observed in the simulator?

Regards, Mike Clifford

Hi @mike_c_56,

An .ecmp file is a compressed file that can be uncompressed by the following method:

  1. Open an instance of EasyBuilder Pro:

  2. Select “File” and click “Compress/Uncompress”:

  3. Within the “Uncompress” section, select “Browse” to locate the .ecmp or .ccmp file:

  4. Click “Uncompress” when finished:

  5. Follow the prompts to uncompress the project:

  6. When finished, navigate to the directory listed within the “Desti. Name” section and open the EasyBuilder Pro project file:

To convert this project so that it may be used with a cMT3102X, you will need to perform the process shown within this tutorial: Click Here. To simulate this project, please follow the instructions shown within this short tutorial: Click Here.

A .project file (see example below) is a Codesys project file. You will need the Codesys IDE to open and work with this demo project. Please see this post for more information about Codesys.

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