What does a "warning" mean within a Macro?

What does a "warning" mean within a Macro? https://forum.weintekusa.com/uploads/db0776/optimized/1X/0319fbf8d38c8b47f3654273e35e02541ccbc5a0_2_1023x529.png
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I just updated Easy Builder Pro to v6.08.01.553
and started getting an error in one of my macros that was working properly before the update

So I have 2 int declared for a time delay values are 240000 and 30000 and I am getting the warning out of range 0 - 32767 but int should be -2147483648 to +2147483648, this is something you guys helped me out a few weeks back because I was declaring those to values as short.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the macro
Any ideas?

Hi @gary14,

That is just a warning, it is not an error and can be ignored. The macro will still compile and run without issue.