What Rockwell Device driver should I use for Micrologix 1400

What Rockwell Device driver should I use for Micrologix 1400
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  • HMI Model: CMT3072XH
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6…08.01.453
  • Serial Number or supplier: Rockwell for PLC, Weintek for HMI

I do not see the Micrologix 1400 in the device type selection. What should I use instead?

Hi @cjvillier3,

Use the Rockwell EtherNet/IP (DF1) for the ethernet connection to the Micrologix 1400 PLC.

Thanks Cody,

Can we take it one more step?

Is the tag import straight forward? My customer was having trouble and could not find the format that was required to import.
He thought the process would be export from Rockwell’s software to a CSV file and import it to EBPRO.

I just tried it with the import button and got the response: Import tag completed. No tag found

Hey @cjvillier3,

Please follow the instructions below to generate a CSV file that is compatible with our HMI’s IDE:

Exporting the PLC tags (PLC Side):

  1. Open your project in RSLogix 500.
  2. The tag names must be applied to the addresses before exporting the tags. (in Data File dialog » Symbol box)
  3. To start the export process, go to [Tools] on the toolbar » [Database] » [ASCII Export].
  4. The dialog will pop-up. Go to the [CSV] tab. [Address/symbol Desc.] is checked by default. If not, please check this option.
  5. Click OK and save it to the desired location.

If you’re still having issues generating a compatible CSV file, please select a memory address directly within an object such as a Bit Lamp or Numeric Object instead of importing tags.