Which LAN is for Codesys?

Which LAN is for Codesys?
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Started my HMI application with connections as shown in the user manual.
(cMT3000X Series Startup Guide)

LAN1 seems to be for Network connections and LAN2 seems to be for remote I/O devices.

Activated Codesys on our HMI successfully…and now in the system settings LAN1 disappeared from the “General” page and only appears on the Codesys page tab…

Does this mean I/O connects to LAN1 and my programming tool/laptop connects to LAN2??

Hi @mike_c_56,

This is correct! Once activated, Codesys has complete control over LAN-1. Here is an example of a network diagram with a Codesys activated cMT HMI:

The IP address of Codesys can be modified within the “Codesys” tab of the cMT settings menu. Here is a tutorial in which we demonstrate how to connect an HMI with built-in Codesys to an iR-ETN: Click Here