Why aren’t my object security settings working?

Why aren’t my object security settings working?
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  • HMI Model: cMT2108X2
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Good morning,
I have several graphic (simple filled circles) and Numeric objects on a window in my application. On the Security tab of each object, Enable/Disable are all set to the same boolean PLC tag, some set to enable when on, some when off, and all to hide when disabled. PLC is CODESYS running in the same cMT2108X2.

When I run my application and change the state of the control tag, the circles appear and disappear as expected, but all of the Numerics remain onscreen regardless of the tag state. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.


Hi @EngIndSys,

Could you please send a screenshot of the Security tab for one of the circle graphics and numeric object within the graphic?

Thanks for the quick reply. To clarify, the circles and Numerics are at separate locations onscreen, i.e., the Numerics are not embedded in or superimposed on the circle graphics in any way.

Oops, I just noticed that I sent a screenshot of an incorrectly linked Numeric. Here’s the correct one, and I’ve verified that all the other objects are linked to Application.GVL.SkipPattern.

This issue should be resolved by downloading and using the latest version of EasyBuilder Pro.