Wifi control and setting within HMI program

Wifi control and setting within HMI program
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  • HMI Model: 3108xp with M02 wifi module
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version:V6.09.01.524 build 2024.03.12
  • Serial Number or supplier: MSI Tec

How can you setup wifi connecting settings within the HMI program itself? If you don’t want the end-user poking around in the HMI settings menu to connect to a wifi network, is there a way to set that up programmatically using system registers? I can see that LW-11383 looks like what I want to use to connect to a network using SSID and password, but manipulating it doesn’t seem to do anything in the simulation. I can’t seem to find any tutorial or documentation on this either.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Cstarr,

You will not be able to configure wifi settings while in simulation. Try downloading the program to the HMI and configure wifi settings from there. After downloading the program to the HMI, you could also use cMT Viewer or VNC to apply wifi settings.

If you want to add some razzle dazzle to your project, you could use a Set Word object to write a constant value of 3 to LW-11383. This would allow you to configure wireless settings effortlessly.


After pressing the Set Word object/button:

Please note that the customer cannot access any other settings when using this method.

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