Can't connect with iR-ETN using EasyRemote IO

Can't connect with iR-ETN using EasyRemote IO
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I can ping a new iR-ETN but Easy Remote I/O won’t find it. All firewalls have been disabled. This seems to be specific to this particular PC. What kinds of things should we look for? Easy Remote I/O ver. is Thanks!

Hi @donnedved25,

Can you please add the iR-ETN and attached I/O using the method described within this post: Link. When finished, can you advise the “Firmware revision” and “Hardware revision” of the iR-ETN as described on page 8-9 of this document: Link

The scan tool within EasyRemote IO should find the iR-ETN using the method that you’ve described as long as the PC and iR-ETN are connected to the same network.

Hi Brendon, this method worked! Thank you!