Why cant EasyRemote IO find my iR-ETN?

Why cant EasyRemote IO find my iR-ETN? https://forum.weintekusa.com/uploads/db0776/original/1X/11f209d00c28f60892a0ac84f6071e46f4fbb2ce.png
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Within this post, we demonstrate how to connect EasyRemoteIO to an iR-ETN that cannot be found using the “Automatic Scan” option.

Software Version:

When using EasyRemoteIO version, there are two different ways to add an iR-ETN and associated IO modules to the project window. The first method is to use the “Automatic Scan” button to find the iR-ETN:

However, in some cases EasyRemoteIO may not be able to detect the coupler. In such cases, if you can ping the iR-ETN please use the method described below to add the coupler and associated IO modules to your EasyRemoteIO project:
Note: The default IP address of the iR-ETN is

  1. Within EasyRemoteIO, select the "Network Coupler"option:

  2. Enter the iR-ETN’s IP address and click “Ok” to add the coupler to your project:

  3. Select the “Module” button to add each IO module that is connected to the iR-ETN:

  4. When finished, select the green “Start Monitoring” button to verify communication. The iR-ETN will be displayed in green if communication is successful:

  5. [optional] When finished, click “Save As” within the “File” drop-down list and follow the prompts to save this project file:

  6. [optional] Click the file icon and follow the prompts to open a project file. This will allow you to quickly reconnect with your device: