cMT-G02 or cMT-SVR-200 network setup


Within this post, we describe the steps needed to setup a cMT-G02 or cMT-SVR-200’s LAN and Wi-Fi adapter.

Software Prerequisite:

Web browser
*(Chrome, FireFox, or Window’s Edge)

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  1. The default IP of the Ethernet port on these units is To connect with this device via Ethernet, please ensure that your PC’s IP is within the range ~
    Note: Once connected, you can verify the unit’s IP by following the steps described within this post.
    Note: If DHCP is “On” as in the image below, please set this option “Off” and click “Apply”. [Optional] You may set a static IP address using this dialog as well.

  2. Once we’ve verified the SVR or G02’s IP address, open your PC’s web browser and enter the HMI’s IP within the URL entry bar:
    Note: The browser may display a warning, but please select choose an option that will allow you to proceed to the HMI’s web server.

  3. When prompted, enter the HMI’s system password to login:
    Note: The default password is “111111”.

  4. Within the “Network” tab, select “Ethernet” and configure a static IP suitable for the application:
    Note: This step is required.

  5. When finished, click “Ok”:

  6. Then, ensure that your PC’s IP will allow it to communicate with the HMI now that the IP address of the LAN port has been set:

  7. Re-connect with the SVR or G02 using the web prompt and if need be re-login:

  8. Select “Wi-Fi” under “Network” and choose the desired wireless access point:
    Note: Make sure that the HMI’s Wi-Fi IP address is on a different subnet than the LAN IP. As an example, if the LAN IP is, please ensure that first 3 segments of the Wi-Fi IP do not match the LAN IP.

  9. Click the to open the Wi-Fi settings menu:


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