How do I troubleshoot "Error code: 102"?

How do I troubleshoot "Error code: 102"?
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I activated one of my HMI’s through EasyAccess 2.0, used one of the activation cards recently purchased , it said HMI was activated successfully and even appears offline.
So I go to the HMI’s settings>EasyAccess2.0>Activation and I press the detect button and I keep getting this error .

Unknown error
(Error code:102)

Any idea?

What HMI model are you using?
If your HMI is equipped with dual ethernet ports and Codesys is not activated, LAN1 port must be connected to a router to access the internet.
LAN2 port doesn’t support WAN (Wide Area Network)

HMI model:


I have it connected to LAN1

I fixed it, thanks !!

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