How to change windows using a register or tag within the HMI or PLC


Within this post, we demonstrate how to change the current window displayed on the HMI using a register or tag within the HMI or an external device.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. To change the current window during runtime, select the “Object” tab and create a “PLC control” object:

  2. Within the PLC Control window, ensure the “Type” in the attributes section is set to “Change Window”. The “Trigger” address is a reference to HMI or PLC memory that the window number will be written to. Notice that the Trigger address must reference an array of two registers as there is a “write-back” to LW-1 within this example. So, please make sure that two consecutive memory spaces are available when using this object.


  1. To test the PLC Control object, select the “Object” tab and create a “Numeric” object. In the properties of the numeric object make sure that the address matches the “Trigger address” configured above:

  2. When you enter a number within the numeric object, the HMI will display the window that corresponds with the number written to the “Trigger” address if that window exists:


  • If you can’t view the “Window Tree” on the left, go to the “View” tab and make sure “Window Tree” has been selected.