How to create a popup window that is triggered by a PLC tag


In this demonstration, we will create a project within EasyBuilder Pro containing a “Direct Window” object. This Direct Window will display a popup triggered by a bit on a connected Modbus device.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro

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Project Overview

  1. Within EasyBuilder Pro, navigate to the “Common Window.” It can be selected from the Windows Tree on the left side of EasyBuilder Pro:
    Note: If the Windows Tree is not visible within your project, follow step 1 of this forum post to enable it.
    Note: To allow the Direct Window to pop up on any window within your project, it must be placed on the Common Window.

  2. Within the “Object” tab, select “Direct Window” from the “Embed Window” drop-down list:

  3. Within the Direct Window’s properties, in the “General” tab, select “ON” from the “Trigger” drop-down list, select the popup window you wish to display from the “Window no.” drop-down list, and select “Popup window” from the “Style” drop-down list. In the “Read” section, select the connected device and bit address that will be used to trigger the popup window:
    Note: A title bar can be added to the popup by clicking the “Title Bar Setting…” button.

  4. Within the “Position” tab, you can choose where the popup will display relative to the region enclosed by the direct window:

  5. Place the Direct Window on the Common Window when finished:


When the bit specified in the Direct Window’s “Read” address is triggered, the Direct Window pops up:

The connected Modbus TCP/IP device’s bit status: