How to create and display a popup window


In this post, we demonstrate how to set up a “Function Key” button that will allow you to display a pop-up window.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. Within this example, we’ll create two windows. The first, named “Base”, will host the “Function Key” responsible for displaying the second window, which we’ll refer to as the “Pop-up window”:

    Note: When designing the pop-up window, be mindful of its dimensions. By default, it may cover the entire screen when activated. Adjust the window size to your preference within the window settings.

  2. Now, let’s create a “Function Key” within the “Base” window. To do this, navigate to the “Object” tab and click on the “Function Key” icon:

  3. When configuring your “Function Key” object, ensure that the (A) “Type” is “Window.” Next, select (B) “Display Pop-up Window” for your “Function” attribute. This action will reveal the (C) “Window No.” input box where you will specify the window you wish to display when the function is triggered:

  4. Additionally, within the “Title bar/Position” settings, you can choose whether your pop-up window should have a title bar displayed and decide whether the popup should appear in the center of the screen or at a custom location:

  5. Once you’ve configured the window settings to your liking, place the “Function Key” on the “Base” window. During runtime, click on the “Function Key” to display the corresponding popup window: