How to create and display a popup window


In this post, we will cover how to set up a “Function Key” button to display a pop-up window.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. Let’s start with creating two windows - the first, named the “Base” window, will host the “Function Key” responsible for displaying the second window, which we’ll refer to as the “Pop-up window”:

    Note: When designing the pop-up window, be mindful of its dimensions. By default, it may cover the entire screen when activated. Adjust the window size to your preference within the window settings:
  2. Now, let’s create a “Function Key” within the “Base” window. To do this, navigate to the “Object” tab and locate the “Function Key” icon:
  3. When configuring your “Function Key” object, ensure that the (A) “Type” is “Window.” Next, select (B) “Display Pop-up Window” for your “Function” attribute. This action will reveal the (C) “Window No.” input box where you will specify the window you wish to display when the function is triggered:
  4. Additionally, within the “Title bar/Position” settings, you can choose whether your pop-up window should have a title bar displayed and decide whether it should appear in the center of the screen or at a custom position:

  5. Once you’ve configured the window settings to your liking, place the “Function Key” anywhere within the “Base” window. Now, when you run a simulation and click on the “Function Key”, it will trigger the display of the connected window: