How to construct a "popup" alarm window


In this post, we cover constructing a “popup” alarm window that displays when any alarm is triggered.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


v1.0 download

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Follow the steps below to configure a “Direct Window” that displays when an alarm is triggered.

  1. Within the “Windows Tree,” select the “Common Window.” Any object placed on the Common Window will be accessible, visible, or in effect within all user-defined project windows:
    Note: If you do not see the Windows Tree within your IDE, see step 1 of this post.

  2. In the “Object” tab, select “Direct Window” from the “Embed Window” drop-down list:

  3. We’ll configure the Direct Window to display a popup window when an alarm is triggered. To accomplish this, we’ll assign system tag LB-12399 to the Direct Window’s “Read” address. Within the “Attribute” section, select “ON” from the “Trigger” drop-down list, choose the desired alarm popup window from the “Window No.” drop-down list, and select “Popup window” from the “Style” drop-down list:
    Note: This post demonstrates how to create a popup sized window.
    Note: This video demonstrates how to create and display alarms.
    Note: System tag LB-12399 will not trigger multiple times if a new alarm is triggered while one is currently active.

  4. Place the Direct Window within the Common Window: