How to display "Event (Alarm)" history


Within this post, we demonstrate how to display alarm history using the “Event Display” object.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. In order to display alarm history, we must enable the “History” feature within the “History/Control” tab of the “Event (Alarm) Log”. The “Event (Alarm) Log” can be found within the “Data/History” tab. Secondly, be sure that the “Save to history” option is selected within each event. By default, this feature should be enabled:

  2. To display alarm history, create an “Event Display” object within the “Data/History” tab:

  3. Within the “General” tab of the “Event Display” object you may configure:
    Note: The (A) “Acknowledge” value of an alarm will be written to this address. This feature is often used in combination with an “Indirect window” to display a popup that provides additional information related to this error.If you are not using this feature, please set this address to an unused address within the HMI.

  4. Within the “Sort” tab, you can (A) customize how your events are sorted. (B) Select what display items you would like shown on your “Event Display” object or (C) customize the display “Date” and “Time”:

  5. Your “Event Display” object will now display both active and historical alarms:
    Note: The “Caption” can be modified or disabled within the “Event Display” tab of this object’s properties menu.