Why does my event log display 00:00:00?


Within this post, we demonstrate how to fix an event log that displays “00:00:00” for the “Trigger time”
and “01/01/1990” for the “Trigger date” attribute.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro

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  1. To display an accurate “Trigger time”, navigate to “System Parameters” within the “Home” tab:

  2. Select the “General” tab and if you’ve selected the “Use LW9450 ~ 9455 as time tags of event logs” option, unselect it. This change will allow you to view the current “Trigger time” and “Trigger date” within the alarm display object:
    Note: This option is not enabled by default, but it is often selected accidentally while testing.

  3. When this option is not selected, the “Trigger time” attribute is sourced from the HMI’s RTC:


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