How to create an alarm information popup


In this post, we demonstrate how to create an “information popup” that will display when an operator selects an active alarm within an “Alarm Display” object.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


v1.0 download

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  1. Within the “Object” tab, expand the “Embed Window” drop-down list and select “Indirect Window”:

  2. Choose “Popup window” from the “Style” drop-down list. To display a popup, the read address must match the “Acknowledge” address of the Alarm Display object (additional info in the following steps):

  3. When finished, place the “Indirect window” object on the “Common window”:
    Note: An “Indirect” or “Direct” window can appear on any project window when placed on the “Common window”.

  4. Within the “Message” tab of an alarm added to the “Event (Alarm) Log”, the “Acknowledge value” must match the window number of the popup that will display information about the alarm:
    Note: The acknowledge value is 12, so window 12 will be displayed when the alarm is selected.

  5. When the user clicks the “Warning!” alarm, the “Warning!” popup is displayed: