How to Increase the iR-ETN Max number of TCP/IP connections?

How to Increase the iR-ETN Max number of TCP/IP connections?
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  • HMI Model: CMT3162x
  • EasyBuilder Pro Version: V6.08.02.322
  • Serial Number or supplier: HH Barnum

Reviewing the limitations of the iR-ETN at 8 TCP/IP connections for a max limit, in a new system design there would be potentially for 16 TCP/IP connections. Is there a way to increase the number of allowed connections or would multiple iR-ETN’s be required?

If multiple are required, is a TCP/IP connection consumed from each iR-ETN for connecting to each other? Making it so each ETN would only be allowed an additional 7 connections?

Hi @jonmarc91,

I believe that the maximum number of TCP/IP connections is such that an iR-ETN can communicate with up to 4 Ethernet/IP clients and 4 Modbus clients simultaneously. However, to reduce CPU load we recommend using only one protocol during operation. What devices will communicate with your iR-ETN within this application?

Hi @Brendon.S

In the proposed design I am working on, there would be all Modbus TCP/IP devices.
10-Weg CFW500 drives
2-Huber Heaters
2-Julabo Heaters
2-SMC Manifold


To clarify, will each device listed above function as a Modbus master and request data from the iR-ETN?


Yes each device would be a Master itself, but inside of the CodeSys each one would be setup as a Modbus TCP Slave. Here is an example setup on how we have a system setup with 4 devices currently + PLC.

The new system would expand to more heaters and add the drives.


Hi @jonmarc91,

Based on your description, if each device can function as both a master and slave, we would recommend that you use a device like the CoDeSys soft PLC within your example to route data from the iR-ETN to each additional Modbus master / slave:

Note: Example of architecture.

This solution is optimal as it would mean that CoDeSys is the only Modbus TCP master connected directly to the iR-ETN. In addition, rather than define Modbus requests in each device, all requests and subsequent transfers can be defined within a single POU. Would it be possible to implement this solution within your application?

Hi @Brendon.S

I am not opposed to researching that, I have not used the CodeSys softPLC before to my knowledge. Is there another piece of hardware that would be required to run the softPLC? Or would it run on the CMT3162x?

Does Weintek have a manual or documents on how to do this?


The cMT3162X must be equipped with a CoDeSys license, after which you may add each Modbus server to your CoDeSys project by following this example: Learn more

To add an iR-ETN to your CoDeSys project, please see this tutorial: Learn more

H.H Barnum should be able to provide some guidance regarding the use and implementation of CoDeSys in this application. In addition, they may suggest an alternative that can also meet the requirements of your application.