How to Reference a Function Block from Weintek's Codesys Library


The instructions below demonstrate how to reference a function block from Weintek’s Codesys library.

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Codesys IDE
Codesys package

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Note: To add the Weintek Codesys library to your project, select “Add Library” within the “Library Manager”. On the following window, select “Weintek Codesys Library” from the “Miscellaneous” section.

  1. Select and drag a function block from the “ToolBox” to your project’s rung. I’ll use a “Box with EN/ENO” for this example:

  2. Within the function block, click on its name to reveal a set of ellipsis:

  3. After clicking the ellipsis, the “Input Assistant” will be summoned. In the “Function Blocks” section, select “Weintek” to reveal the function blocks available with Weintek’s Codesys library. I’ll choose “CTD32” for this example:

  4. Your function block’s name will now reflect the function block chosen from Weintek’s Codesys library:


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