How to Reset Codesys on a cMT-Series HMI


During project development, a runtime error such as an infinite loop or invalid conversion statement may cause the “CODESYS status” to enter an “error” state. If this occurs, the following method may be used to reset Codesys.

Software Version:

Codesys IDE
Codesys package

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  1. First, select the settings button on the top left of your HMI:

  2. Select the lock icon and enter your HMI’s password. “111111” is the default password for all Weintek HMIs:

  3. Scroll down the settings menu and select “Reset options”:

  4. Select the “Start” button next to “Reset CODESYS to default”:

  5. In the following window, type “yes” into the dialogue box and select “Ok”:


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