How to resolve compilation errors after project migration


After migrating an EasyBuilder Pro project from an iP, iE, eMT, XE, or mTV series to a cMT series HMI, you may see a list of errors during compilation. To resolve these errors, follow the instructions below.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro

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  1. Double-click the error message to modify the attributes of the object in question. In this case, we are prompted to update a system tag that is not supported by a cMT series HMI:

  2. The “unsupported” tag is replaced with one that is compatible with the current HMI model. Please verify that the substitute will perform the desired function or reconfigure this object as needed:
    Note: There is no substitute for some unsupported tags, the HMI will replace them with a default tag instance like LB-9000 in the image below. The new tag and the original tag in this example have different functions.

  3. Repeat this process with each object until all errors are resolved and re-compile:
    Note: It is recommended that warnings are resolved, but not necessary.

Note: This process may cause significant changes to objects within your project.
Note: this video demonstrates the error resolution process described above.


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