Project Migration Megathread


After migrating an EasyBuilder Pro project from an iP, iE, eMT, XE, or mTV series to a cMT series HMI, you may experience unexpected behavior. Below, you will find links to posts and documents that help resolve common issues that occur during project migration.

Instructions & Documents:

In EasyBuilder Pro, migration from your existing eMT/iE/XE/iP project (.emtp) to a cMT series project (.cmtp) is feasible using the HMI model selection list within the “System Parameter Settings.”

Once the HMI model is converted to a cMT series HMI, you will receive a list of warning and error messages in a popup dialog called “project migration report.” The resources below will help you resolve these warnings/errors.

Related Tutorials:

Project Migration: non-cMT to cMT series HMI

The general steps to convert your existing project are summarized as follows:

  1. Compress your existing .emtp project in your old version of Easybuilder Pro.
  2. Uncompress your project in the latest version of Easybuilder Pro.
  3. Select the correct cMT HMI model from the HMI selection list within the “System Parameter Settings.” EasyBuilder Pro will handle the conversion of one project file to another.
  4. Look at the warning/error messages in the “project migration report” dialog.
  5. Understand the differences between the eMT/iE/XE/iP HMI and the cMT X HMI.
  6. Resolve compilation warnings and errors. Ensure each feature is migrated in a manner that ensures near original functionality.
  7. Validate the cMT X project.

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