Project Migration: non-cMT to cMT series HMI


This post demonstrates how to convert an iP, iE, XE, eMT or mTV .emtp project file within EasyBuilder Pro to a .cmtp project file for a cMT-X series HMI.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro 6.09.01+

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  1. Select the “Model” tab within the “System Parameter Settings” menu. Select the “HMI model” drop-down list to choose a new HMI model (I’ll choose the cMT3092X for this example). Select “OK” when finished:

  2. If the model that you are converting to has a different resolution, EasyBuilder Pro will display the “Resize Windows/Objects” menu to help you re-scale objects within your project. The image(s) on the left shows the way in which objects are currently scaled, while the image(s) on the right display a preview dependent on the selected options. Select “OK” to continue:

  3. Next, you’ll receive a “Project Migration Report.” This report contains information on what’s not supported and what has changed within your project due to the change in the HMI model. Selecting “Save” will generate a .csv file containing report items: