How to search for and add picture libraries to EasyBuilder Pro


In this post, we demonstrate how to access and use the picture library toolbar within EasyBuilder Pro.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. To open the picture library, navigate to the view tab and enable “Picture” within the “Toolbar” section. This will display the “Picture Library” on the right side of the IDE:

  2. To add new libraries to your “Picture Library", select the “Browse Libraries” button on the top right of this window. This will open the “Browse Libraries” popup:

  3. Within this popup, you can use the search bar (A) to look for a specific item. The “legacy” and “picture” folders (B) contain over 100 additional libraries. When you have found a library you like, select the “Add to Project” (C) button. This will allow you to reference images in this folder within the “Picture Library” toolbar or popup menu in EasyBuilder Pro:

  4. Upon returning to your project interface, you may use these images in the toolbar in two ways. Firstly, you can drag and drop pictures directly onto your project canvas. Alternatively, you can select an object and then double click on a picture from the picture library, effectively altering the object’s appearance to match the selected image:
    Method 1

    Method 2