How to set the STRING length of an ASCII object or configure a multi-line display


ASCII Objects provide a means to capture string inputs from users. When dealing with longer strings, employing a multi-line display enhances organization. Additionally, a masking function allows password inputs, rendering all entered characters as asterisks.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


  1. To create an “ASCII” object navigate to the “Object” tab and click “ASCII”:

  2. To allow multiple lines of text, select the “Multiple-line Display” box within the “General” tab:

  3. To protect sensitive data, you can “mask” all the letters entered by the user by selecting the “Mask” check box within the “General” tab. This will obscure all the letters with asterisks:

  4. To change the character limit of an ASCII object, click on the settings button within the object’s properties. Then change the “No. of words” to your preference:
    Note: With UTF-8 encoding 1 word is equivalent to 2 characters.