How to make a recipe drop-down list


By default, the “Option List” object in EasyBuilder Pro does not integrate with the “Recipe database”. Therefore, in order to make what is often called a “Recipe drop-down list” we will use the procedure described below.

Software Version:

EasyBuilder Pro


v1.0 download

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  1. Within the “Data/History” tab, create a new “Recipe View” object:

  2. Ensure that only one recipe item is selected and disable “Use caption”:

  3. [Optional] To produce a list-like object that closely resembles the “Option list”, I recommend using the settings defined below:

  4. Within the “Security” tab select “Use register status/value”, select an available “LB” address, and ensure the “Action” is set to “Hide when disabled”:
    Note: Select “Enable if bit is ON”.

  5. Within the “Shape” tab, disable “Use shape”:

  6. Click “Ok” to place this object:

  7. Within the “Object” tab create a new “ASCII” or “Numeric” object:

  8. Disable “Allow input” and ensure that the desired recipe value will be displayed:

  9. Within the “Font” tab of this object, ensure that the “Text Area position” is set to “Left” as shown below:

  10. Click “Ok” and place this object over the option list’s column title:

  11. Expand or contract the “height” of the recipe view object to determine the length of the “Recipe drop-down list”:

  12. Within the “Object” tab create a “Toggle Switch”. We will use this object to open and close the drop-down list:

  13. Ensure that this object targets the “security” address used in step 4 and that the “Switch style” is set to “Toggle”:

  14. Within the “shape” tab choose an appropriate image for this object, I recommend using a set of alternating arrows:
    Note: To define an object’s image, please review 0:48 - 1:36 of our “Multi-States” tutorial.

  15. Click “Ok” when finished and place this object on the right side of the “ASCII” object: