Weintek's Codesys FAQ


Thank you for considering Weintek’s built-in Codesys for your next application. This post contains information related to Weintek’s implementation of Codesys and a list of common questions and answers. If you are new to Weintek’s Codesys, please ensure that you have read this post thoroughly.

Why Codesys?

Codesys is an exceptional PLC IDE that is the framework of many PLC IDEs on the market. If you have used Schneider, Bechoff, or Wago’s PLC software you will find the Codesys IDE to be quite familiar. In addition, the control logic complies with IEC 61131-3 which means that you can use ladder logic, function-block diagrams, sequential function charts, instruction lists, or structured text within your application.

Where can I download Codesys?

To provide the best experience for our customers, Weintek’s R&D has validated CODESYS IDE v3.5.15.50 and related drivers extensively to ensure consistent functionality. We only recommend using versions validated by Weintek’s R&D with Weintek’s CODESYS equipped HMIs or the cMT-CTRL-01. To download the recommended version of CODESYS free-of-charge, please click the link below:

  1. Download CODESYS: Link

  2. Download and install Weintek’s Codesys package: Link

When finished, please review this short tutorial to help you create your first Codesys application: Link

Can I create my Codesys project within EasyBuilder Pro?

No, you will need to use the Codesys IDE (see above) to create your Codeys project. The HMI can be programmed for visualization using EasyBuilder Pro.

How do I connect to Weintek’s Codesys?

Codesys has complete control over LAN-1, please make sure that your PC is connected to LAN-1 or that you have “Codesys Login” enabled on the HMI. While “Codesys Login” is enabled, you can connect to the HMI and Codesys using LAN-2. To enable Codesys Login, please read this post:How to enable Codesys login

Once finished specify the HMI’s LAN 2 IP within the “Device” communication setting in your Codesys project:

What protocols does Weintek’s Codesys support?

Currently Weintek’s built-in Codesys supports the following protocols:

  • Modbus TCP/IP (master)
  • EtherCAT (master)
  • CANopen (master)
    Prerequisite: CANopen is only available on Weintek CMT-X HMIs that are equipped with a CANBus port.
  • EtherNet/IP (master)

Can Weintek’s Codesys communicate with a 3rd party device?

Certainly! You may use any of the protocols mentioned above to communicate with an external device of your choice.

What communication drivers should I use within Codesys?

We recommend that you use device drivers included with Weintek’s Codesys package:

Device Version
CANopen manager
Ethernet adapter
Ethernet IP Scanner
Modbus TCP master
EtherCAT master

Note: You may need to select “Display all versions” within the “Add Device” dialog to select the appropriate driver. For more information, please read this post: How to update device drivers

How many devices can Weintek’s Codesys communicate with?

  • Modbus TCP/IP: 32 devices
  • EtherCAT: 65,535 devices
  • CANopen: 126 devices
  • EtherNet/IP: 32 devices

What features cannot be used with Weintek’s Codesys runtime?

  • OPC UA features
  • Network Variable List
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Redundancy Configuration

  • CODESYS TargetVisu
  • CODESYS WebVisu

  • SoftMotion

  • CODESYS IIoT Libraries SL
  • CODESYS Safety for EtherCAT Safety Module SL
  • Other add-ons

What libraries does Weintek’s Codesys support?

Weintek’s built-in Codesys is compatible with wide range of built-in libraries. However, certain libraries that require OS support are not compatible with the device runtime.

The libraries within the table below are compatible with Weintek’s built-in Codesys. Libraries that do not require OS support are also compatible with Weintek’s built-in Codesys.; e.g. OSCAT Basic, Util library…etc.

Sys Library Cmp Library CAA Library
SysTimeRtc CmpTraceMgr CAAType
SysTimer CmpSrv CAATick
SysTime CmpSettings CAATickUtil
SysTask CmpSchedule CAAStorage
SysTarget CmpRouter
SysSocket CmpPlcShell
SysMem CmpLog
SysFile CmpIoMgr
SysExcept CmpIoDrvC
SysEvent CmpIecVarAccess
SysEthernet CmpIecTask
SysDir CmpEventMgr
SysCpuHandling CmpDynamicText
SysCom CmpCheckSum

How fast is Weintek’s Codesys?

Here are some base level measurements for comparison:

How much memory can be used in a Weintek’s Codesys project?

Here are the specs for reference:

*Note: 3MB for “Data, Input, Output, Memory, Code” is the max. size of a Weintek’s Codesys project (a file which is compiled by Codesys IDE and loaded into Weintek’s Codesys runtime)
*Note: If the size of a project exceeds one of the caps listed above, during compilation an error message will show on the “message” pane of Codesys IDE and state, “[ERROR] Out of code memory…No download possible”.